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Oakley Women's Forehand Polished Black Violet Iridium Sunglasses OO9179-26

$49.99 USD $173.00 USD

Oakley Women's Forehand Sport Sunglasses 

Lens: Violet Iridium The designers at Oakley know that women and men see things differently, which is why they have extensive women's lines. Oakley Forehand sunglasses put a little more style and variation into the stems and frames of these glasses while leaving the traditional concept. They use durable, stress-resistant, and lightweight O-Matter frame materials with precise 3-point optical alignment. High-definition optics combine patented technologies to meet or exceed testing standards for visual fidelity, clarity, and impact resistance; and Plutonite lens materials stop all forms of UV rays, even killing blue light up to 400 nm. (Some Forehand models are also available with Prizm lens technology, which controls light transmission for improved visibility and impeccable contrast; and polarized lenses to filter 99 percent of glare without haze and distortion.) Choose the frame and lens colors you prefer, and order a custom pair of Oakley Forehand sunglasses.


Frame Color: Black
Frame Style: Forehand
Frame Material: Acetate
Lens Type: Mirrored
Lens Color: Violet Iridium