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Oakley Men's Latch Matte Clear Sunglasses OO9265-04

$123.00 USD

Matte Clear / Black Iridium Lenses

Check out the innovative Oakley Latch. When you want to take these all-new designer sunglasses off, hang them on your shirt. There's a clever little latch built into the temple that holds them securely in place.

They were created and tested by pro skateboarders Eric Koston, Curren Caples, Sean Malto and skate photographer Atiba Jefferson. So you can be confident that they're durable.

Don't worry about the clip digging into your head either. Because its seamless design means it lays flush when you're wearing it. So it9s out of the way. And this ingenious hinge is eye-catching adding to the offbeat character of the frame.

Plutonite lens: Look around you with these on. The view is clear since Plutonite lenses are purified for the greatest clarity. Plutonite is a hardy material too. So it gives unbeatable impact protection when you need it. All Oakley lenses block 100 per cent of UVA/UVB/UVC rays and blue light up to 400 nm.

HDO: Distortion is out of the picture thanks to Oakley High Definition Optics which stops light bending as it passes through lenses. So everything is where it appears to be. Iridium coating fine tunes light transmission for effective glare reduction.

Comfort amp style: Made from versatile O-Matter, it's lightweight for all-round comfort. Plus unwanted pressure points are gone with Oakley Three-Point Fit. You will be noticed when you don these retro-inspired round sunglasses. This Matte Clear one is assuredly cool too.


BRIDGE:21 mm

ARM:139 mm

LENS:53 mm