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Oakley Frogskins Sunglasses Surf Blue Frame W/ Sapphire Iridium Lens - OO9013-74

$49.99 USD $103.00 USD

Frame: Surf Blue Frame

Lens: Sapphire Iridium

Whether being dropped onto a fresh snow covered ski slope, riding a mountain bike through a wicked pass, or hiking to the top of the world, sunlight at altitude is intense. Oakley Frogskins Alpine Collection sunglasses are for those bright days skiing, boating, or lying on your back enjoying a sunny day. They feature unique Plutonite lenses which stop all forms of UV rays, even killing up to 400nm of blue light in its tracks.

Each lens offers optimum eye protection, 100 percent scratch resistance, and allows only visible light to pass through. Iridium lens coatings may look radical, but they recognize colors, reduce glare, and balance light transmission in all types of weather to keep you safe. O-Matter frame materials are durable, stress-resistant, translucently shaded, and lightweight—while their 3-point fit holds lenses in precise optical alignment, eliminating pressure points.

High-definition optics combine patented technologies to meet or exceed testing standards for visual fidelity, optical clarity, and impact resistance. Choose the color you prefer, then treat yourself to a pair of great shades from the Frogskins Alpine Collection—and the first name in sunglasses: Oakley!


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