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Jack Pine Joe's Bun Rub (Pack of 2) BR-OT

$2.99 USD

From the great outdoors to the outhouse, outdoorsmen are reaching for JackPine Joe's blazing orange Bun Rub. This toilet paper is for for the safety-minded hunter ahd is one of the most unique hunter safety products on the market. Packaged in this memorable out house box, blazing orange Bun Rub will be a deer camp hit from Michigan to Montana and beyond.
Brand: Cass Creek
Model: CCGG
Materials: Paper
2 ply biodegradable toilet paper
250 sheets per roll
100% biodegradable
Great for tracking
Color: Hunter's orange
Dimensions: 10 inches high x 4 inches wide x 11 inches deep
Weight: 1 pound
Pack includes: Two (2) rolls